Cruel/Thing Dec 04, 2015 - FOOD: Du Bonheur in Berlin Mitte

Part time-cake friend and full time french lover? Same here. If you ever happen to have 4€ left, make sure you invest it in a piece of heaven.
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Queen Of Jet Lags

Nov 24, 2015
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Eveoaks Nov 16, 2015 : Personal thoughts of week 47
I dislike seeing my blog turning into picture-posts.
Although I’m longing to write some articles down I’m too occupied with school, homework, social life and taking pictures (and finding time to edit them).
Now I’m sleepless and I feel like writing my thoughts of (already) last week down.
It has been a very emotional week; Starting school again in a new class, portraying the role of an outsider (which I’m very good at) sitting silently in the back of the room. I never expected my new classmates coming to me and asking me to join them in the hopeless struggle called programming.
Of course we all know what happened last friday.
I don’t feel like going to university, I want to stay in bed and put the blankets over my head. I want to say so many things to so many people but words fail when it comes to these feelings.

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Barbro Andersen: Excuse me while I kiss the sky.
Ever since we moved here this summer, the sky has been celebrating our arrival with surreal explosions of color at the end of the day ...
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Turned purple for an interlude ♫